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Silver Infused, Antibacterial, 100% Organic Cotton Sweat Towels

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Made from Silver infused soft and durable organic cotton, our environmentally friendly collection of gym towels inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria, giving you hygienic protection while eliminating odour, keeping your sweat towel fresher for longer and reducing your need to wash.

Are you guilty of not washing your gym towel after every workout? Maybe you get skin irritations or acne after exercising?  Would you rather wipe sweat away with soft and ultra absorbent organic cotton rather than those harsh artificial microfibre towels? Or maybe you are just looking to accessorise your towel to your outfit (No judgement here!). 

Then you need the"Holy Grail"of gym towels,

Lets start with the material, every towel is made from 100% organically grown cotton that has been certified to the Organic Content Standard (OCS100). This standard ensures that the cotton is not only organic but it has been manufactured and processed without harmful chemicals and dyes. Which is better for both your skin and the environment. 

The towels are infused with natural silver ions that bond to the cotton fibres and don't wash out. These Ions eliminate any bacteria, mould or fungi that comes in contact with the towel. This antimicrobial effect means that they towels stay fresh for longer so you can leave them in your gym bag or locker and still use it the next day. It also means that you are not wiping your face with any bacteria laden towels that can cause skin irritations and breakouts. As bacteria is eliminated on the towels, any bacteria caused odors that are common on workout towels is prevented, avoiding any embarrassingly smelly towels. 

Available in 4 stylish designs. 



Black antibacterial organic cotton gym towel


Blue antibacterial organic cotton gym towel

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Fuchsia antibacterial organic cotton gym towel

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