About Us

The journey to a great sweat towel...

We are a small business with a big heart. We are far from being professional athletes, just regular people who love to stay active. Our story began years ago when we ramped up our exercise and started really focusing on our health and fitness. What we quickly realised is that there wasn’t a sweat towel in the market that met our needs. Our philosophy was simple – we wanted to look after our hygiene as much as our physical and mental health. We needed a towel that was antibacterial, absorbent, durable and felt soft against our skin. A towel that we could leave in the back seat of the car or at the bottom of our gym bag that would remain fresh the next day. Oh and it HAD to look stylish. This was a tall order! We found nothing in the market came close, so we created the perfect gym towel ourselves.

Whatever you do to break a sweat, whether it’s working out from home, hitting the gym, yoga, pilates, group fitness sessions, playing sport or going for a run - Aurora Athletica has you covered. Made from durable and absorbent organic cotton and treated with antimicrobial silver technology, our towels inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria while eliminating bacteria causing odours, meaning they stay fresh for longer and don’t require washing after every use.