5 Ways to Keep it Clean with Good Gym Hygiene

5 Ways to Keep it Clean with Good Gym Hygiene

Worried about gym germs? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that your local fitness centre has the potential to become a giant petri dish of bacteria aka a germaphobes worst nightmare. In fact a study commissioned by fitrated.com, a gym equipment comparison website, proved this by putting 27 pieces of equipment at three different gyms under the microscope. The findings scored incredibly high on the “that’s super gross” scale:

  • The free weights had 362 times more germs than an average toilet seat.
  • The treadmills had 74 times more bacteria than a tap in a public bathroom.
  • The exercise bikes had 39 times more bacteria than a tray from a food court.

But if we are looking for a little silver lining in the Covid-19 era, it’s that we are all striving to create a cleaner, healthier more hygienic world. The key is constant vigilance.

Now that we’ve been given the green light to reactive our gym memberships (hello burpees, goodbye #slothlife) here are our top five tips to keep all those icky cooties at bay.


The gym remains a no-go zone if you are feeling under the weather. The “no excuses” attitude of old isn’t acceptable anymore - so even if it’s just the sniffles, if you aren’t 100% do everyone a favour, exercise caution and stay home.

BYO H20 

Bring your own H20, it’s the only way to go. Avoid communal drinking fountains like the plague and opt for a stainless steel water bottle instead. They are BPA-free, reusable and eco-friendly. When you factor in that an estimated 370 million plastic water bottles end up in Australian landfill every year, it’s a no brainer to ditch these single-use items for good and it’s better for your health in the long run too.


If you want to feel really, really good about your return to the gym in a triumphant Rocky Balboa running up the stairs sort of way, you’ll need the ultimate sidekick in your corner and her name is Aurora. We’re talking about these must have antibacterial sweat towels, which are currently available in three Instagrammable colours: berry, pink or blue. Promising to become as essential as a Black Eyed Peas track during a high-intensity spin class, the towels use Polygiene technology, an antimicrobial fabric treatment that prevents the growth of bacteria as if by magic, keeping those nasty germs away. Made from 100% organic cotton, they are not only good for your skin but also the environment.


Wash your hands before and after your workout and be sure to put 20 seconds in at the sink, which is about the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. It’s also perfectly acceptable to wipe down equipment before and after using it, your gym should have antibacterial wipes readily available making it easier than ever to score an A+ in cleanliness all while being courteous to those around you. That’s a win/win in our books.


We get it. ISO felt like it lasted 84 years but even though we are returning to our new “normal” we still need to give our fellow energiser bunnies room to breathe. So, don’t set up shop right beside the lone runner on the treadmills remember this #socialdistancing rule: if you can smell their BO you are way too close for comfort. More importantly, if that person is ignoring item one on our list you’ll be in the direct line of fire to catch whatever ailment they have.

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