The Only Yoga Accessories You Will EVER Need and Which Yoga Accessories to Buy Online

The Only Yoga Accessories You Will EVER Need and Which Yoga Accessories to Buy Online

When it comes to yoga and yoga accessories, less is always more.

This is why we have narrowed down the list to only 4 accessories you need for yoga (according to yoga Gurus, ‘want’ does not warrant a purchase). These yoga accessories are quite essential to your yoga routine and you should invest in them if you practice yoga at least twice a week.

What’s more, we have gone ahead and chosen the best ones in each category! You can just click on the links and buy yoga accessories online!

That’s enough talking for now, let’s jump into the best yoga accessories Australia has to offer!

  1. Yoga Mat– Liforme Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is an investment, for your mind, body and some may even say your soul. If you think that’s a bit much, at least keep in mind all the bony bits in your body that feel like they are scraping against the floor when you are trying to do your asanas.

Yeah, you get it now

For something that forms the literal foundation of your yoga practice, we would suggest that you go with the Liforme Yoga Mat. It ticks all the boxes a yoga mat could possibly tick:

  • It is uber-comfortable, and we don’t give that compliment lightly. It is thick enough to provide cushion to all your bony bits and wide enough that you are not precariously balancing on a narrow strip of rubber while doing Downward Dog.
  • Its sweat absorption levels are off the charts. The best part? No residual smell.
  • It has super-helpful line-markings that let you know when you are doing the pose wrong. This was one of our favourite things about the mat– it is basically your non-living yoga Guru.
  • It is eco-friendly because it is made of all-natural rubber that decomposes in less than a year after discarding it. However, if you treat it well, this mat will last you a very long time.
  1. Yoga socks– Bombas Grippers Ankle Socks

You may be wondering why this particular item is so high up in the list. Well, here’s the thing– wearing shoes during yoga is not only extremely disrespectful in Indian culture, but it also hampers your movements.

But socks can be really slippery, especially when you are halfway through the class and sweating profusely. It is also very embarrassing to be the one whose smelly socks cause the yoga session to end earlier than usual.

So we have searched long and hard to come up with the best yoga socks for you– Bombas Grippers Ankle Socks. Some features of this incredible invention are:

  • The super-grip on these socks makes sure that there is no way you slip and fall on your face.
  • It is made of the thinnest extra-long, staple cotton that not only makes sure that your feet are super-dry but cool as well.
  • The ultra-snug cushioning on these socks is to die for. They also have cushioned blister tabs so your feet are protected from chaffing!
  • It says on your feet throughout the class due to Y-stiched heel– no slip-ups here!
  • It is completely eco-friendly and the company donates one of their socks to someone in need with every pair purchases. Need I say any more?
  1. Yoga towel– Aurora Athletica Antibacterial Sweat Towels

No, we are NOT talking about those monstrosities that double up as a yoga mat. That right there is disgusting, you can’t possibly sit on it, sweat over it and then wipe your face with it.

We are talking about soft, portable anti-bacterial towels that smell like an entire garden. You can come out of any sweaty yoga session, feeling clean and fresh.

Think we are bluffing? Check out the Aurora Athletica Antibacterial Sweat towels.

Here are a couple of things it does:

  • It is made of ultra-soft organic cotton which is (wait for it) silver infused. Talk about feeling totally luxe and pampered after an invigorating yoga session!
  • Yes, it is really anti-bacterial. If you want to avoid the germs without giving up hanging out with your yoga crew, this one’s for you.
  • It is totally odour-proof. We weren’t kidding when we said it smells like a garden. What we forgot to mention is that it smells like a garden even after you sweat all over it.
  • It is of extremely high quality, and you don’t have to wash it often since it is anti-bacterial. That makes these towels super-durable (win, win and another win!).
  • It is also *drum roll* eco-friendly and with that, we rest our case. (Badum-tss!)
  1. Yoga bag + stretching strap– Lululemon Get Rolling Yoga Mat Bag

Now for a place to keep all your brand new yoga accessories in! A yoga bag is quite necessary if you go to a gym or a class for your weekly yoga requirements, especially since your mat really won’t fit anywhere else.

We really tried to keep away from main-stream brands, but we can’t deny that Lululemon makes a mean yoga bag.

This is the bag that yoga-related dreams are made of, some of its features are really thoughtful:

  • It has a long zipper that runs all throughout the bag so you never have to worry about struggling to take your yoga mat out of the bag
  • It has a special pop-out pocket for your sweaty clothes!
  • The detachable strap also acts as a stretching strap. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!
  • It is one of the most stylish yoga mat bags we have ever seen.
  • It has loads of space– for your phone, keys, towel, water bottle, you name it!

With that, we come to the end of this list. With these yoga accessories, you can walk into class, confident that you have everything you need.

Don’t fall for those long lists of yoga “essentials”, you really don’t need all of them. Investing in just a few high-quality pieces is so much more practical. And will last you longer.

Remember, ‘want’ does not exist in the yogic dictionary. So only buy accessories that you need for yoga.

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