Working out with your dog – 5 easy workout ideas for you and your furry friend

Working out with your dog – 5 easy workout ideas for you and your furry friend

Are you bored with the same workout routine you have been following since forever?

Do you feel horribly guilty for shutting the door on your pupper when you go to the gym?

Working out with your dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. Apart from the obvious physical benefits, there is so much more that comes with it:

  • Your mental health improves– Studies have shown that dogs can help with depression, anxiety and many other mental health conditions. Even if you don’t suffer from any of these conditions, dogs make you feel happier! 
  • They never let you down– Ever had a gym buddy cancel on you? It’s brutal. But your little doggo would never do that! They love doing literally anything with you, especially if it includes walks!
  • 0% judgement, 100% support– Your fur baby will never judge you for needing a timeout in your second set of planks. They will just give you a lick and that will be all the motivation you need!
  • They are cute. PERIOD.

Your dog will also build muscles and get healthier in this process! So here are a few ideas for working out with your dog:

  1. Hiking

You know how much dogs like the ‘W’ word. Now imagine their happiness when the ‘W’ consists of a whole new world with so many new sights and smells, and you can see them quivering with excitement.

Hiking is a great way to explore new places and lose quite a bit of fat while working out with your dog. Don’t forget to bring water, food and towels for your furry workout buddy as well!

Take your furry friend on a hike once and you might have to stop saying the ‘H’ word around him/her as well!

  1. Running

This goes without saying, especially if you have a larger breed of dog.

It may take a while to get your dog trained enough to run beside you instead of in front of you. It will also take some time for your furball to realise that sticking his snout everywhere is not the purpose of a run.

But be patient. Soon, your dog will make a distinction between your walks and your runs.

  1. Doga

Yes, folks, Doga is a thing.

Who said working out with your dog had to involve a lot of activity? Yoga is a perfectly acceptable form of working out with your dog. If you have a smaller breed of dog that tires fast, you can jump on the Doga train!

Poses like Downward Dog and Child’s pose are right up your pup’s alley! Yoga also has so many benefits for the mind and body, you will no doubt see an improvement in your form as well!

  1. Squats and lunges

If you want those toned legs and glutes without hours of merciless squatting, just throw in some treats and a furry companion!

The simplest way of working out with your dog is to make them sit when you squat or lunge downwards. When you return to a standing position, your dog does the same.

Now do that ten more times and toss out a treat.

That’s the first rep for you!

  1. Weightlifting

Ever thought of using your pup as a weight? We did!

After the initial sense of bewilderment, your dog will actually be more than happy to snuggle into your arms while you do shoulder curls. If you have a big boy/girl, then this might pose a challenge, though.

If you are up to it, try squatting or doing a push up while carrying your doggo in your arms or on your back.

A few things to keep in mind while working out with your dog:

  • Pay attention to their breathing and check if they are too tired to continue
  • A harness is always better than a collar
  • They might bruise or burn their little paws on rough trails or sunny days
  • Always do a warm-up together before working out

And there you have it! Five extremely fun ways to enjoy working out with your dog. If you try any of these workouts, don’t forget to tag us (@auroraathletica) in the picture!

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