Your 2022 Guide to finding the BEST GYM TOWEL for YOU!

Your 2022 Guide to finding the BEST GYM TOWEL for YOU!

If you take a second to google ‘best gym towel’, you get about 7 million results. With so many options, choosing the best gym towel may as well take a whole century.

Unless you know exactly what you are looking for!

That is why we have created the ultimate guide to finding the best workout towels for the gym. Be it size, fabric, or style, there’s that one gym towel out there that is good enough to be your OTGP (One True Gym Partner).

Let’s get started!


There are two main reasons people use sweat towels:

  1. To wipe off your sweat
  2. To lay over gym equipment, acting as a barrier between yourself and the equipment

When considering the characteristics of the best gym towel for you, you need to think about your specific needs.

For example, if you sweat much more than the average person, you will look for an absorbent workout towel. If you are prone to skin breakouts or acne you will want an antibacterial towel that doesn’t transfer germs onto your skin. Maybe you are guilty of not regularly washing your gym towel? Then you will want one that stays fresh for longer.

Of course, there are other requirements as well, such as style and colour. But we will get to that later.


The best gym towels are a combination of a number of different things. They are perfectly adapted to your needs, don’t feel like an awkward burden and actually go with the rest of your wardrobe.

Below are the four questions you should ask yourself before buying a gym towel:


As we are living in the year 2022, there is obviously more than one type of material your gym towel can be made of.

You need a towel that is soft, absorbent and durable. It has to be well suited for wiping sweat off your abs (it will happen, one day guys, I promise) or crying into it when your gym trainer makes you do yet another set of up and down planks.

Here are the top four contestants of 2022:

  1. Cotton: Used by everyone since the time of our ancestors, this contestant is the go-to option. It is soft, breathable and easy to wash. However, it can take a little longer to dry out. Cotton plants also use up a lot of water to grow, which does not serve the environment.
  2. Organic cotton:This one gives you all the benefits of cotton multiplied by ten and none of the drawbacks. If you are looking to help the environment out without burning a hole in your pocket, this is the gym towel for you!  Organic cotton is farmed without harmful toxic chemicals which is better for the environment and for your skin. It is soft as a cloud, super gentle on your skin and extremely absorbent.
  3. Microfiber: Even though microfiber towels are popular these days, they are not our strongest contestants. Recent studies have found that bacteria can survive for weeks on microfiber towels even after being washed! Made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester, these are the least environmentally friendly options you can find. They are not very absorbent, wicking away the sweat rather than absorbing it.  The benefits mainly include convenience– to carry, to dry and to clean.
  4. Bamboo:Another environmental-friendly option. Bamboo towels are soft and absorb sweat like nothing else. A study showed that bamboo can release certain chemicals that could cause irritation and other skin problems, especially if you have very sensitive skin. 

The stand out winner is definitely organic cotton.  They are made of unquestionably high-quality material and are very durable. It’s so important to invest in a high-quality gym towel that will last you a long time, rather than buying cheap ones again and again. The cost adds up, you know.


Size matters a lot when it comes to gym towels. The best gym towels aren’t a burden to carry around. They are small, portable and get the job done well.

The ideal measurements for a gym towel are 80cm long and 40 cm wide. This size is just big enough so you can wipe a considerable amount of skin and lay over gym equipment but small enough to be easily carried around.


You don’t want to look like you brought the towel you dry your dog with to the gym.

You need something that screams ‘I am here to crush these exercises, and look good while doing it’.

Colours play an important role in uplifting your mood, according to research. Bright and bold  colours fire you up and motivate you to continue with another set of mountain climbers. While soft, pastel colours make you feel relaxed and content after a long and hard workout or in the zone for a yoga session.  So choose a colour that fits your mood and your workout!

Also, make sure the design of your towel is distinct enough to stand out so you don’t confuse it with someone else’s towel (the horror!).


Do you know what causes that yucky sweat smell to come from your towel? Bacteria. Lots of it.

Sometimes, your washing machine just doesn’t do a good enough job of getting rid of all the bacteria you picked up while working out in your neighbourhood gym.

The solution? Antibacterial towels.

Truly, science knows no boundaries.

And finally, to answer your last question– yes, you CAN have it all when it comes to gym towels. Aurora Athletica has kept in mind all the factors we have talked about and created the best towel for your workout!

We have ultra-soft antibacterial towels that are (cue drum roll) odour resistant! All our towels are made from 100% organic cotton and are environmental-friendly. Our towels come in super-stylish colours that will keep your mood uplifted throughout your workout! You can check them out on Amazon here!

With more and more gyms introducing a ‘no towel, no entry’ policy, you really need to get yourself a new gym towel. And not an ordinary gym towel either, only the best sweat towel in the USA!

So let’s go shopping and find you your OTGP (One True Gym Partner)!


Frequently asked questions:

What towel to take to the gym?

A gym towel with all the characteristics you need to satisfy your personal needs. While these may differ from person to person, there are some basic requirements:

  1. Super-absorbent (for all the sweat)
  2. Soft
  3. Antibacterial
  4. Eco-friendly

Can you use a hand towel as a gym towel?

Not really. Hand towels are much smaller than a regular gym towel. This will have two effects:

It will get wet (with sweat) faster and it will clean a much smaller surface area of your body.

Besides, gym towels are built to be super-absorbent, while hand towels are not. Also, let’s face it– gym towels are much more stylish!

What is the best gym towel?

The best gym towel has the following characteristics:

  1. Super absorbent– so it absorbs all the sweat from your workouts
  2. Antibacterial– for protection against germs from other people who use the same equipment.
  3. Soft– this just goes without saying. What kind of towel isn’t soft?
  4. Eco-friendly– reduce your negative impact on the environment while getting in shape!
  5. Odour resistant– we all know that wet dog sweat smell. Let’s avoid it.
  6. Bright uplifting colour– colours affect your mood, so choose happy colours for a happy workout!

How big should a gym towel be?

The ideal size for a gym towel is 80cm long and 40cm wide. It should be big enough to wipe your front abs (you will get there one day) in one swipe. But it should not be so big that you will feel like you are lugging around those fluffy bath towels you find in fancy hotels.

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